About our company

The company PRINTMEDIA COM KFT. was established in 2011, it is an enterprise completely owned by a Hungarian private person. Its main focus of activity is the printing industry, where it provides all-round services.

Thanks to the unbreakable will, diligence, customer orientation and the problem solving attitude the company has grown into a stable and successful enterprise in the past few years.

As a result of the conscious and hard work, the number of our partners and colleagues grew.

We have widened our range of services, for which we made investments. In the beginning of 2014 we established new and larger production, storage and office sites to further increase our efficiency. As a result, we can serve our partners on an even higher level.

With the growing range of our services, with the investments and with the changing of the estates we not only expand our place of service, but we intend to further strengthen our role in the market, to keep our position and further expand in it with our usual unbreakable will.

All this is based on the continuous education of our colleagues, the will for development and the using of modern technologies. We are proud of our achieved results and our satisfied customers, we firmly believe that our further mercantile successes and development is based on humble professionalism and the respect of business ethics.

Our philosophy

Our goal is to know the individual needs of our clients and thus ensure the optimal solution for them.

We think in complex and all-round solutions in the field of visual realization, where the single details form together a complex unit, while always considering the present and future ideas of our business partners.
In the center of our philosophy is the quality which includes not only the perfectly realized typographic products, but the technology, the human factor behind it, the ability to adapt to the needs of our partners in a predictable and flexible way, and correct business behavior.

Quality is an essential expectation towards ourselves and our products. We seek to improve environmental production and prevent pollution in all our fields of expertise.

We do this because we firmly believe that long lasting success can be realized only through the complete satisfaction of all our partners.

We sincerely believe that with our site we can give You an overall picture of our philosophy, our working methods that meet Your ideas.

It is worth choosing us – we are sure of it!

Zsuzsanna Major – Nagy
managing director